Short Bio

The Weak Knees formed in the spring of 2009, originally with the idea of "Motown meets Modest Mouse." After a change in the band lineup, the group settled on a sound influenced by explosive clean guitar, 80s art rock, and minimalist groove-based songwriting.

Focusing on an art rock sound that blends a mixture of clean explosive guitar, groove-based rock and sharp witty lyrics, the Weak Knees explore tales of digital life, random dream encounters and everyday oddballs lurking on street corners that's been described as "like Lou Reed meets Devo in a dark alley..."

Based in Portland, Oregon, they released their first album, A New Lie Will Guide You Home, in mid-2012, and in July 2013 released their second album, Until You Can (They Will Tell You You Can't).

After some band lineup changes, the band took up the mantle of two-man band, using backing tracks to punch up their sound. Upon the return of their lead guitarist they continue to shift between a two-man band and a three-piece approach and released their 3rd album, Inside Voices, in March 2019.


Current band members are:

  • Bjorn van der Voo: vocals, guitar, bass, piano
  • James McDermott: guitar
  • Shawn Lawson Freeman: drums and percussion