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The Weak Knees formed in the spring of 2009, originally with the idea of "Motown meets Modest Mouse." After a change in the band lineup, the group settled on a sound influenced by explosive clean guitar, 80s art rock, and minimalist groove-based songwriting.

Exploring tales of vengeful ghost cars, random dream encounters and everyday oddballs, the Weak Knees have been described as "like Devo meets Lou Reed in a dark alley."

Based in Portland, Oregon, the four piece released their first album, "A New Lie Will Guide You Home" in mid-2012.

In July 2013, they released their second album:
"Until You Can (They Will Tell You You Can't"



Current band members are:

  • Bjorn van der Voo: vocals, guitar
  • James McDermott: guitar, backing vocals
  • Shawn Lawson Freeman: drums