Thanks to you

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Thanks to all of our supporters, and in a mostly random order, the band would like to thank:

Lee for supporting the band and allowing Studio Voo to be in her basement, Justin Potts for recording the vocals in his home studio and his excellent camaraderie, Kevin Nettlelingham for his speed, knowledge and craftsmanship at Nettleingham Audio, Matt LaPenna even though he left us for stoopid NYC, Justin and Kevin at the Foggy Notion, and all of our fabulous Indiegogo supporters: Jennifer Jacobs, Heather McQueen and Chris Gentes, Anthony Ongaro, Ashawnta Jackson, Sarah Barnett, Sissy Lawty, super-fans Ben Prew and Andrea Lee who've been to many many shows, Jon Ross, John Harrison, Alyson Meyer, Brenna Taunton, Lesley Tweedie, Matthew Fanning, Tanja, Rob and Serge van der Voo, super-fans Angela and Keith Watson who've been to many many shows, Jeff Ross for lyrical help with "Juneuary" via facecrack, Ben Jacklet, Ryan Douglas, super-fan Linda Wojtowick who's been to many many shows, Haley Rhoden, Zach Wheeler, Jedi Colt, Lucy and Mike Miller, Julie Hulbert, show partners We Speak Boccce (they do it's true), Piotr at the Portland Rock Projekt at NWCZ Radio, show partner the Dirti Wizzzard, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.